Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Todd has been the blogger for our family and now that school's over for me I'm going to give it a shot. This is my first post so I hope it works out.
Yes--school is over for me--I graduated! I am now a BSW. That is a Beautiful and Smart Woman (that's just what Todd says). Ahem, I mean, a Bachelor of Social Work. And it feels absolutely amazing. What a relief. I'm finished. Now we're gearing up for graduate school for Todd this fall. I think he's a smarty-pants.
Here am I on the way to graduation.
You can see our little Freestone (lovingly called lubdub by Todd's dad) right under my hand. You'd think a big black flowing robe would conceal the bump . . . but it didn't. :)

We had family over for cake and ice cream to celebrate his big 26th birthday. Here's Uncle Ryan and three of our nieces.
I made one of Todd's favorite cakes--Peanut butter silk cake and it was scrumptious.
To honor Todd on his birthday I got a puzzle of him! I think it startled him a bit to see a puzzle of a close-up of his face, but I think it's pretty awesome.
We went to the Real Salt Lake and LA Galaxy soccer game because our soccer-loving family is in town--the Bushmans. We got there about an hour early and had so much fun.
Sarah, my sister, and I went down and took pictures of the team warming up. (We think Donovan, #10, looks like Todd's brother, Zac.)
Below you can see all the players holding the hand of a child before the game--I love that tradition. Here you can see Todd's GQ shot.
We bumped into some friends from high school and I ate a huge Tiger's Blood Snowie. I had been craving one for a couple months and it was delicious. The game ended in a tie at 2, which is kinda disappointing. But, you can't really beat seeing two goals made by your own team as well as two goals from Beckham in one game. It was awesome!

My brother Peter got married today to a wonderful lady--Julie Young. We are so happy for the both of them. They are an awesome couple and fit each other perfectly. They're one of those couples that you know were destined to be together. Between their ceremony and the lunch we toured the Conference Center.
Although it rained off and on all day the clouds parted for a bit and we enjoyed seeing the sights of the Salt Lake Valley atop the Conference Center. Below you see some of our family: Danette, Caleb, Marysa, Sarah, Ryan, me, Todd, Lauren, and Kevin, and the beautiful temple. Here's me and Todd by the fountain that flows directly above the pulpit--symbolic of the word of God reaching even nation, kindred, tongue and people.
We're looking forward to their reception. Just a few nights ago Peter divulged one of his big fears--that their presents will get stolen during their reception. In all seriousness he tried to designate a few of us as gift guarders. We all teased him and joked about looking forward to being bouncers at his wedding. You know, with a list of names in hand, only letting those on the list through the doors. It'll be top security. No one's going to steal our brother and his bride's gifts on their special day. I think Todd and I might even wear sun glasses to make it really official. It'll be great.


Lindsey said...

Hey Rachel! I love your pictures! You are such a cute pregnant lady.

okbushmans said...

Yeah! You are finally updating your blog! You especially need to keep it updated once you have the baby and move to Boston! We will miss you!

Rachel said...

rach! I didn't know you had a blog. This is so exciting. Count me in as a loyal follower.

Check out mine:

Taffers Dawn said...

Hey Rachel it's kathi!! You look so amazingly cute pregnant! I'm so excited for you! Congrats on graduating! That is amazing!

Eric & Nakita Ellis said...

I love your blog and you are an ADORABLE pregnant lady!! Hope you don't mind me linking your blog to mine.

The Taylors said...

thanks for commenting on my blog...cause now I can enjoy looking at your's. Oh my Rachel you are so freakin cute! I agree with fact I don't know if I've seen anyone more cute pregnant!

Holly & Daric said...

Hi Rachel! I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog. You look great! I'm so excited for you, graduation and a baby! I'm adding you to my friends list, hope you don't mind. . .

James & Lindsey said...

Hey Rach! I just found your blog off Nakita's and got really excited. You guys are so adorable and I love all your pictures. You look so pretty, I hope I can look like you a few months down the road! I hope everything is going good. Love ya!

casey and justine said...

Hey cutie,
I am so glad you have a blog, I will totally keep in touch and can't wait to see what kind of adventures are headed your way. :) I hope you are enjoying being graduated--I sure am :)

Jam Rob said...

hey im a high school friend that bumped into you

The UnMighty said...

Congrats on your first post and all the awesome events you had to talk about. I couldn't tell if the events took place over a large span of time or if you guys just have an action packed life. Either way, looks fun.

-Ben Quinn (from CSZ)

Lindsay said...

congrats to you rachel! You look so cute!

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

ohh rach, so cute.
I am adding you to my blog...hope its okay.
You are so cute prego's. Congrats and graduating!