Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When I was known as T-Vision

(Todd Writing) I never planned to use this blog as a way to revel in my past, but once I mentioned to the students I tutor that my street name is T-Vision and that I had a videotaped rap performance, they demanded it to be placed on the web. Because BYU housing prohibits access to YouTube, this blog is its only outlet.

T-Vision circa 2004

My friend Josh (a.k.a. JDream) and I created a rap group called odDream. Years ago we won a rapping contest, beating out Danny Durelli as we lay down the licks at a dance party by the Hogi Yogi and Wynnsong movie theater. For any of those who know about the Provo scene in the late 90's, Danny Durelli was the face for local rap, so it was a big surprise for us to win the two passes to Disneyland.

Anyway, a few years later Josh and I started to get serious about our rapping careers, so we wrote this rap, I guess it's called "Get Lost", and preformed it at my ward's talent show. Here it is...Check it out!


Annie said...

Wow, I forgot how great that rap really wasn't. Thanks for rekindling my desire to rap. THis is Josh.

Kyle said...

I remember that rap vividly. It was all the buzz back then. I remember when the scene was turned upside-down by that come from behind victory by Tvision and Jdream.