Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Memories

The 4th of July was great. Here are some reasons:
1. A treasure hunt. Todd made the craziest treasure hunt for our 8 and 10 year old nephews. Using keys to decipher codes, following a string through a volleyball sand pit, using math in word clues, puns, and much more leading to the buried treasure made the kids feel like real detectives.
2. Marshmallow guns. Shooting marshmallows at each other through PCP pipes. Need I say more?
3. Tubing down the Provo river. Floating on an extremely lopsided tube, flipping over and falling in extremely cold water, and accidentally leaving cousin Nick in the canyon without a car or cell phone. Poor Nick. We felt bad.
4. The grand finale. It tipped over and sparks flew right at the family. Luckily no one got hurt, and brave uncle Brent tipped it up right with his foot so that we could enjoy a few more minutes of sparks and whistles.
5. Uncle Brian's cannon. (Apparently he tried it out in his law office parking lot and it set off all the car alarms. No one knew it was him.) He fired it off multiple times at dinner surprising everyone. Children were running away, parents were covering their babies' ears, and others were laughing. The 4th is just not the same without a really loud cannon.
6. Homemade ice cream. Both mothers make delicious ice creams. Margo makes raspberry and Lorraine makes creamy lemon. Yum!
7. Relatives. None of these fun activities would be possible or fun without family. It was so great to see everyone and spend time together. (Sorry I don't have pictures of the 4th because I was holding a baby the whole time. Maybe next year.)

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