Saturday, August 23, 2008


This weekend we had Henry's blessing. My (Rachel's) whole family came into town, including Sarah and her family from Oklahoma and Matt and Jessica from D.C. (who were in Israel for the past 2 years). We also spent time with Todd's family including Henry's awesome aunt Lisel and uncle Christian. It was the first time my whole family was together in 3 years, and it was a blast. We ate together a lot, watched the kids play and the Olympics. We went on a hike, did magic tricks, and most importantly, Todd blessed Henry. Henry has gained 4 pounds since he was born and he has grown 2 and a half inches. Pop (Todd's grandpa) calls him our "little whopper". He now coos and sort of smiles, usually in his sleep. Just before the big weekend I received a package in the mail. It was from my grandparents in Vegas. Inside was the most beautiful quilt. My grandma Cameron makes amazing quilts and we feel so lucky that she sent us one! You can see it in the pictures.
Walking home from church.
Henry's sporting the blessing gown from Mim (Todd's mom) and a sun hat made by Todd.
I think he's going to be a boxer.
It was bright outside. Henry's wrapped in the quilt my grandma Cameron made--beautiful!
A close-up.
Henry likes to suck on his tongue--a Cameron trait for sure. He is so handsome and looks just like Todd so I like to point out any features remotely close to the Cameron family. :)
His tongue is definitely one of them.Awww, cute.
Todd wasn't a fan of getting kissed when he was a kid and so I'm getting as many kisses in before Henry shies away from them, too. The proud dad. Yep, very bright outside.
Henry is sleeping on the beautiful blanket my mom crocheted for his blessing
and Grandma C's quilt.The "hike". We walked on a paved path to Bridal Veil Falls and had a picnic.
Here are our niece and nephew, Brenna and Cannon, on a bridge. The beautiful falls.
On our way to Ripple's for a delicious lunch.
No, I don't think our friend in the orange is a real photo bomber. Thanks to mom Freestone I have the awesomest stroller. It's like the Rolls-Royce of strollers. . . . stay tuned for a magic show slide show from Todd: the "magical uncle".


Lindsey S. said...

Your niece is such a Cameron. She made me think of when we were little! The baby blessing pictures are so precious!

Tess said...

That quilt is AMAZING. What a fabulous day for your family. :)