Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bub's Birthday

Bub is Todd's dad. His birthday party was very memorable this year. The Freestone's often get a delicious Magleby's cake: carrot, chocolate, or German chocolate. They are always out of this world. And, Bub's cake this year was just that.
The evening started with a discussion about confrontation, more specifically: Who in your family will complain/confront when you are dissatisfied with a product or service. (My parents had just stayed in a condo in Vegas that was flooded and Bub was curious as to who talked to the management, my mom or dad.)
My answer: definitely my mom.
He then asked everyone else. Everyone confirmed that is was their mom who did the confronting. I don't know if it's her sweet-talk, negotiating powers, or the knee-trembling fear that only a mom can put into someone when she is dissatisfied. Whatever it is, most moms can usually get what they want in the end because having a mom as a satisifed customer is having security for your business.
After this discussion Margo revealed the enormous German chocolate cake she received from Magleby's Fresh. It looked about double the height of a normal cake you would receive from them. We were elated.
She admitted that earlier that day when she went to pick it up it wasn't ready. She told us she had expressed the inconvenience it would be to have to come back and pick it up later, but that it would be worth it because the cakes are always so good. When she picked it up it was huge. We were so proud. This confirmed our conclusion that moms can get what they want. A happy mom is a happy . . . everyone.
So, Bub did the honors of cutting this beautiful mountain of coconut, sugar, butter, and walnuts. The slice fell away and to our surprise . . .
The once believed German chocolate cake was really a carrot cake frosted with German chocolate cake frosting! It was sick looking.
Who in the world would mistake carrot cake for German chocolate cake?
Who frosts a huge 3-layer carrot cake with German chocolate cake frosting? Was it on purpose? Would they really have the last laugh? Nope.
I think we laughed for about 5 minutes straight. After feeling so proud about getting such an awesome cake we were disappointed to say the least.
But, in the 6th minute Margo already had the phone book out to find Magleby's number to explain the mishap.
Go Margo. She negotiated getting 18 of their last 25 pieces.
I mean, come on, it was Bub's birthday and we 6 family members needed to celebrate. Three pieces for each of us--score! Magleby's was so wonderful to accommodate our needs. They made Bub's birthday one of the best. And, we were the ones who laughed last. Thanks Margo and Magleby's.


Becky Freestone said...

ok, that is hilarious, especially your narration of the happenings. i was laughing out loud. what would our family be like with out her. i hope i can pull those kind of deals one day. i better start watching how she does it more closely. sounds like bub had a fun and memorable bday. one time i finished off an entire half of bub's german chocolate cake, not knowing it was his favorite. he found out the next morning when he opened the fridge to have a slice for breakfast and it was gone, thanks to me. i felt so bad. it was homemade by margo. my bad. it was really good though. oops. he forgave me, luckily. i was still pretty new to the family, so i think he felt obligated.

Drew said...

Greatest guy ever. I always loved "Weekend Review" in Sunday School. Not to mention the endless bags of candy that came along with it. Oh yeah, the gospel lessons were good too...

okbushmans said...

Leave it to the woman to get business done! That has to be the worst combination: carrot cake and german chocolate!