Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Happy Halloween!
We have made it a tradition to carve pumpkins while listening to Doug Fabrizio's Halloween RadioWest shows on NPR. Todd had some spooky stories saved from years past and I was pretty freaked, i.e. I was glancing behind my back and leeringly looking out the window.
It was just what I'd want for Halloween.
Here are the pumpkins before:and after:From L-R: Todd, Henry, me.
We went to Todd's Comedy Sportz Halloween party dressed as the Three Stooges.
Can you guess who we are? Yep. Todd is Moe, Henry is Curly, and I am Larry. We had a whole quirky fight scene choreographed for fun, and also in case people needed a hint when guessing what we were dressed as.

I bet you can't guess which of the following pictures is of our family and which one is of the actually Three Stooges:

Here I am giving a shot at improve. Needless to say my act needs a lot of work.
I didn't get one laugh. I wouldn't have laughed at me. It was about 20 seconds of awkwardness.
(I now have a much greater respect for Todd and all the players.)Anyway, here is Todd as Moe and he is picking on poor Alice (in Wonderland). I mean, she was just trying to find her way!
This was a great party. We had Obama, Sarah Palin, Carmen San Diego, Maleficent, Jack Skelington, a monk, an easy-bake oven (a pregnant lady), a bee; Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and a beaver; and much, much more.
Henry with Senator Obama. I know you're all jealous. Just kidding.
Henry, those are my thoughts exactly. Yikes!
We played a pumpkin-toss game and it was pretty intense. It was like musical chairs but instead of running around chairs you're passing a pumpkin, and not just a light one--it was heavy! Sadly I dropped it and didn't make it to the final round, but it was still fun.
And the winner was . . . the lovely Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island!
It has been a great Halloween.
And we've only had 5 trick-or-treaters! Lucky us--we get lots of candy.


danette ottosen said...

congrats, you are the first one of all the people who are on my blogger list to put up their Halloween pictures and they are so cute.

Merkley Jiating said...

It looks like you had a fun day! Yay!

casey and justine said...

That is so much fun. I love the family costume idea. Does Todd work at Comedy Sports as one of the players?

Sheri said...

Looks like you guys had a blast this Halloween! Your baby is such a doll...

So I finally logged into our blog today to make a rather pathetic update, and I noticed that we missed a post from you TWO MONTHS AGO!!! Sorry about that. We'll be fixing it so we actually get notified if anyone happens to stop in at our blog. In answer to your question, no, we're not making an announcement just yet with our poll but we hoped everyone would assume that. :0) We actually made the poll close exactly 9 months from our wedding day, but no one can really tell that because it counts down in days. Oh well.

We hope all is going well for you guys!!

Lindsey S. said...

You guys look great. What a good idea!