Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Nephew: The football player

So, my little nephew is not so little anymore. He's a big football player.
Okay, if you don't know how big I am you will probably think I'm huge just by looking at this picture, but my nephew, Caleb is really only eight years old. So I'm really not a giant. If you notice, he has a black X on top of his helmet. That indicates that he is not allowed to carry the ball (because he's so big). He's on the offensive line, and they actually tackle each other! At eight years old he is practicing for 10 hours per week including conditioning plus playing games--rain or shine.To stay hydrated he guzzles a gallon of water. He does it because he says, "My coach told me I need to stay "hydwaited". He seems to love football. Just last week he was upgraded to first-string because he's so awesome.
He even has a little cheer squad. My nieces are the two girls on the left. I'm so proud. I mean, I was sure to tell them that once, a long time ago, I too was a cheerleader. (Yep, I'm bow-legged.) For some reason I don't think they believed me.
Anyway, a little while ago he went to a BYU day camp to meet the team and practice.
When asked how it went Caleb said, "Yeah, it was so awesome. I got to meet the players and do stuff with them and touch them." I bet he didn't wash his hands for days. Oh, to be eight again.


okbushmans said...

Oh giant Rachel. Caleb has almost passed me by, and in the next year or two, he'll pass you by! I love seeing the pictures, especially of the cheering section. And we all know you were the BEST cheerleader THS has seen! Sometimes I'm still blown-away that you aren't still in high school, cheering at Friday night games. Just like I'm blown away Caleb is old enough to wear football pads and a helmet! Time flies.

Lindsey S. said...

That is so cute! I can't believe they tackle at 8! I love the cheer picture, and I forget you are bowlegged too! Love it!

danette ottosen said...

I just love your nephew. I am bias cause i am his mom. Thanks for posting those pictures. I will have to show Caleb in the morning. You are a great aunt.

Kayla R. said...

HOW FUN!!! love the cheer pic..good old days ha:) LOVE YOU RACH*