Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm dreaming of a . . .


It is already December 12th, and there is no blanket of snow on the ground. I'm beginning to believe in global warming and I'm almost ready to jump on Al Gore's bandwagon . . . almost. I'm just waiting, hoping that some time soon snow will fall and not melt when it hits the ground. Then, when the earth is white, it'll feel like Christmas is coming.
In October I told Todd I wasn't ready for winter because I kind of missed out on summer and summer activities due to having a baby--being less mobile, and more tired--and I think I jinxed us. Sorry. I'm ready for winter and snow now! The beautiful snow will make the cold temperatures worth it.
I found out that my niece in Oklahoma is praying for snow in Utah. She is coming out in a little over a week for Christmas and she wants snow. I think the faith of a little girl can bring on a winter wonderland. Keep your fingers crossed and we'll see!!