Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Beloved/Despised Holiday

I have to say that Valentine's day is a very much beloved holiday for me. Every year it gets better and better, thanks to Todd and all of the great people in my life. Maybe one day, for those of you out there who hate Valentine's day, it will be a great day for you, too. I was once in your shoes--single, hanging out with my girls, wondering who would dare adore me and be adored by me on such a day--and now I have an amazing husband and sweet little boy who I can celebrate with. But, I have realized that Valentine's day isn't just about romantic love. It's about friendly love and family love, and that makes it all the better.
This year we spent the whole day together, thanks to having it on a Saturday, and it was great. We sort of slept in (Henry doesn't understand holidays yet), ate blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and then we collected and delivered some food to the food bank. This year, the state of UT held a food drive on Feb. 14th, and we helped a little with it. I was blown away by how generous people here at Wymount and all over the county were. Barrels and barrels were full of food outside the doors of Smith's grocery store. It was great to see.
Anyway, it was fun because there was a huge snow storm that morning so we were able to bundle Henry up in his snow outfit while we tooled around town.
After running errands we warmed up at home and got ready for the evening. We ate dinner at La Dolce vita, a restauant with some sentimental value, and it was delicious (and only a 25 minute wait!). Then we came home and bundled up to go sledding. This is right before we hit the hills.
The snow was fresh powder from the storm in the morning, hardly anyone had sled on it, and we had a brand new tube. It was choice. Plus, because there was just one tube for the two of us, we had to go together and neither of us bounced off the tube because of our great weight! After that we bought some groceries at Buy Low and ate ice cream at Cold Stone. The whole night was great. And, we had a free baby-sitter. Thanks Margo!

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Lindsey S. said...

You guys are so dang cute! What a fun day.