Friday, March 27, 2009

Favorite Spots

Recently, much of Henry's awake time is spent walking around the apartment holding on to my fingers. He kicks his little soccer ball around, and discovers new things. He finds himself in two main places: next to his stereo and under the kitchen table.
I like to think Henry's a music Wunderkind. He loves his stereo and banging his toys to "make music". Yep, he even bangs on piano keys. I can thank Disney for their stimulating Baby Einstein CDs. No, actually I don't want a child prodigy, maybe just for Henry to be a fan of music. Yes--maybe something along the lines of 80s, Indian, and High School Musical music.
Here he is just listening to his CD. He finds his toy by his head and eventually starts banging it on the leg of the chair. Isn't he amazing!? ;)

Under the kitchen table is his little hut. He's near mommy, but away from me, too. I like it because I can cook or clean dishes while he entertains himself.
Here he is sucking on his lips,
playing with his book,and talking to his socks.
"Doe da da (blows raspberries) ma bla (blows more raspberries)."
He goes from "making music" to chewing on and talking to socks. What should I think of this kid?

Another favorite spot of his is his high chair (he grew out of his Bumbo). He loves to make messes with his food and jabber a lot in it. My favorite part about feeding him is seeing the new old man face that he makes. When he eats something sweet like peaches or applesauce he sucks in his lips and he looks like an old man with no teeth. It's so funny. He doesn't really do it in this clip, but you can see his two new teeth!


Lon and Brooke said...

Rachel isnt it so fun! Babies are amazing! He is so darn cute! I can tell that he loooves his mama!
p.s. I absolutley love reading your blog!!

danette said...

Marysa says oooohhh Henry is so cute.