Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kimbap and Tuna

Last week my dear friend, Cindy, taught me how to make sushi. We spent the afternoon chopping, cooking, and rolling. It was really fun and really not that hard, but it did a long time. I learned what gives the rice in the sushi that yummy nutty flavor: sesame seeds and sesame oil. Delicious.
This is how it goes:
Cook the rice. Korean rice is made with 1:1 parts (one part rice to one part water). While it's cooking chop all of the vegetables into thin strips, and cook and slice the meat and eggs. You can use whatever you want such as, pickled radishes, tuna, beef, cucumbers, avocados, imitation crab, eggs, carrots, lettuce, etc. Cindy said that it's best to not use watery vegetables. We cut out the seeds/watery part of the cucumber and used the hearty stuff.
Add sesame seed oil and seeds to the rice, and add salt to the cut vegetables (spread it on with your hands). Then when everything's prepared, you line up the seaweed on top of the bamboo sushi roller, spread about 3/4 cup of cooked rice on the seaweed, and then lay the veg./meat fillings on the rice, covering about half the seaweed square. Then, you roll it up tightly and roll it back and forth about 3 times until it's not going to fall apart.
We ended up making two rolls, Kimbap (Korean sushi) and tuna. They were delicious. I became a fan of sushi a few years ago and I am so glad that I can now make it at home. Yum!

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