Sunday, April 5, 2009


An update on Henry's sleep:

Friday night he woke up twice and had a hard time falling back asleep and I think I know the culprit.


Todd and I ate out at Cafe Rio and I got a yummy pork salad. You may know what it's like eating with a 10 month old baby--he's always grabbing, leaning, and whining for what's on your plate. So, to be able to enjoy my meal a little bit more I thought I'd give him a little black bean. He loved it. So, I gave him another. After about 10 beans I decided to stop.

Well, Friday night I paid for that mistake. Although he loved the beans when he was eating them, he sure didn't love them when they were inside.

He had a much better night last night. :)


Lindsey S. said...

So I've been trying really hard to do a bedtime routine now! I want to try to get Bailey sleeping through the night (eventually anyway). But I love just cuddling with her at night and letting her fall asleep in my arms. I've realized if I do this for too long I'll be doing it forever. She's really good at falling asleep on her own for the most part. It's just up to me to keep doing it! So thanks for these posts! They get me modivated!

Rachel and Todd said...

You're welcome! I like reading about other's techniques, too. I LOVED cuddling with Henry, too. It's true though, that it might become a habit for the babe and when they're bigger it's much harder to get them to sleep.

Rachel and Todd said...
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Amy said...

Rachel, I'm glad you found my blog! I loved reading through yours and getting caught up a bit on your life! Henry is so handsome!

okbushmans said...

Cannon LOVES black beans. He would eat a whole can if I would let him! Henry is such a sweet little boy, post more pictures of him!

Kayla R. said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! I love hat salad:)