Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Special Little Guy

Currently Henry does not have a high chair. The people at Ikea say the white high chair is out of stock for 5 more weeks. We have improvised with a phone book and an Ikea place mat. Henry has really liked it, and I love the place mat.

I almost wonder if we even need to get a high chair until . . .
Henry thinks it's cool to slip down.My grandma Cameron made a cool little hen a few years ago, and Henry likes to play with it when I change him. I think it's very fitting for him: Henry and the hen.

Henry still loves the bath.

I love him so much! I love being a mom. I think he's the cutest guy ever.


danette said...

I say no high chair. I would just get a booster that you can add to a chair and then just scoot him and he can eat at the table with Todd and you. I think I got the one I have for Josh at walmart for like 10 dollars. I personally think they just take up to much room.

I like that the little kids can sit at the table like everyone else is.

whit said...

he is so so cute! what a cute little face! those cheeks are getting full!! love them. I have the ikea high chair and absolutely love it i can't believe they are out of stock.

A and N said...

Henry is adorable. He has grown so much in the last half year:)

Michael and Anita said...

What a cute kid! :)