Friday, July 10, 2009

Park City!

The week of the 4th we spent up at Park City. We had a blast with Todd's siblings and their families. (We missed Zac and Becky, Chris, and James and Jake, though!)

One of the days we spent riding the rides--the Alpine slides, coaster and trampoline. It was awesome! One time, though, while I was riding down the coaster with my niece, Annabelle, a bug flew into my eye and it hurt really bad. I couldn't rub it out! So I kind of slowed down trying to make my eye feel better and another coaster came up behind me with girls yelling, "Go faster, go faster!" So with one eye we made it down the mountain. When I got to the bottom I had Todd get the bug out, but come to find out, the big bit/stung me! My eye became blood-shot, itchy and watery. It was horrible. Luckily the next day the reaction had stopped and I was ready for more fun.
Neice, Annabelle, on the trampoline

Here we are in our Park City shirts

We went to the Park City Farmer's Market and bought delicious bread. My favorite booth was "Boys Toys". A bunch of boys sat there making pet rocks for $1 and ties made out of neon pink and green tape. It was awesome.

Swimming at the hotel

We also went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house. It was amazing. I love LDS temples! they are so beautiful!! Oh, and after the tour we bumped into one of Todd's middle school teachers at the cookie reception. (Thanks to Todd's connection we got a few more cookies than the normal alottment. Thanks Miss. Goldstein!)

We also went fishing and caught a dozen or so trout and ate a fish feast. It was delicious. We also went swimming, played games, and watched Wipe Out and So You Think You Can Dance. I love family vacations!

This is Henry chilling with his cousin, Cole. Henry LOVES his cousins, as you can tell.


Kim Shepherd said...

I think she was my middle school teacher too! Farrer middle?

The Taylors said...

looks like fun! That's horrible about the bug in your eye.. what the? That's the worst. I didn't know you could get bitten on the eye.. crazy!

Allen and Cameo said...

We are thinking about going to Park City in August. Do you know good places to stay? Also... do you love So you think you can dance as much as we do?