Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Henry is a good bath taker. He usually wants to get right back in the tub when I pull him out. Check out this video!

Henry plays a lot more. He sits with his toys and moves them around and jabbers away. It's fun because when I watch him I can really tell his mind is going. He's thinking his own thoughts, and playing his own games. It's so fun.
Here we are playing with his new car.


Kim Shepherd said...

I was giggling when I watched the videos. He's so darn cute!

Devin Hecht said...

Henry is getting so big. He's definitely a cutie. We miss you guys. Thanks for the comments on our blog. We finally went through and read them all. LoL We never realized that you could leave comments below the posts. I guess we are a little slow. hahaha

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

I love your videos.
I love the tub one... he wants to get back in so bad...haha and he's so passionate when he talks about it.