Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Place

This is a view from our parking lot last week after a rain storm. It was spectacular! The kind of thing people were pulling over in the rain to take pictures of.
This is our place! We've added a pot of flowers since I took this picture, which makes me much more homey, I think.

The cool thing about Winfield is that it's a cooperative, meaning it has a management, but it is owned by its tenants--everyone puts down an investment for their unit. There are financial committees and other groups made up of tenants and so everyone makes decisions about the complex--quiet hours, the village voice (the newsletter), what buildings need new roofing, pool rules, etc. Because of this our rent is significantly lower than other places in town, which I didn't know before we moved here, but am really grateful for. And, there are a lot of church members at Winfield. Which makes making friends a lot easier.

I have to compliment Todd, he did a lot of handy work when we moved in. He put together a couple sets of blinds and drapes, and our TV stand and his desk. Good job, honey.

Anyway, here's an in-depth view of our place. It's probably a little too in-depth, forgive me. Also, each picture has fuzzy edges and not on purpose. It's just a result of Henry handling it with sticky fingers--he loves to touch the lens.

The Living room at different angles:
Our AWESOME new couch:
The entry way:
Into the kitchen (see out the sliding door into our small patio/yard):
The two-pieced round table you see is a work in progress. I'm painting it black. So far I've cleaned it all up and I'm preparing to sand it, then paint it. I think we'll use the round table as our kitchen table and move the square table up to Henry's room for a craft table.
The washer/dryer closet:
Downstairs half bathroom (I'm working on decorating it):
Stairs (clearly):
Upstairs retro bathroom:
Our bedroom:
The India picture is now above Todd's desk (seen in the first bedroom picture on the left).
Henry's bedroom:
This is a deep window--like a bay window but without angles. It's fun to sit and read here.
Henry is pretty fascinated with clocks so we took a clock and hung it low on the wall in his own little play corner.
The playground near the office:The huge playroom at the Winfield office (can you find Henry?):
More walking:

Notice that he keeps his left hand up. He used his left hand to hang onto my finger, and I think he got used to balancing that way! He is so cute!


Allen and Cameo said...

I love you new home. Can I come visit? And I just LOVE that Henry is walking. We miss you.

Dustin said...

I love it! It looks like such a nice place!!

Yes, we do know the Sabeys. I'm not sure if we've had this conversation or not??? Allen and Dustin play frisbee together, and Cameo and I sit and watch-we're the wife's club :)

Dustin said...

Oops...I'm signed in as Dustin, but this is Amy.