Friday, August 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye

To Todd from Scott: Thanks for being the best teacher ever.

(It's a little hard to hear because of the river behind us, but just turn it up! The lyrics are awesome.)

It was hard, but some how we managed. People would ask me how I felt leaving and this was how I felt: like I was approaching a cliff, I couldn't stop, and soon enough I'd reach the edge and have to jump off. Leaving everything and everyone I know, and heading for a brand new place I knew nothing about. Most everyone does this, and I'm sure they, like I, find out that life keeps on going and there are other friends to make, and ice cream parlors to visit, and parks to recreate at.

Before we left we tried to cram in as much family and friend time as possible. The last week we were in Utah we attended a Comedy Sportz party and family dinners, hosted a baby shower, a book club meeting, a "goodbye" party, oh and we packed.
This is what our ABF containers looked like when everything packable was put in. It was filled, front to back, top to bottom, and I was biting my nails hoping that when we arrived to IL our things would be okay. Yep, most everything came out unscathed, thanks to an expert team seen above. Whew.

Below see some of our family. We miss you!

Julie and Peter

Mim and Bub

The Ottosens

Grandma and Grandpa Cameron


*And you, too, Lisel and Chris!!!! We just don't have a picture of you!

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Katie said...

We miss you guys! Hope you're having fun in your new place!