Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Am I Crazy?

Sunday night I got a call from my friend, Cherry.

"Hey, have you heard of P90X?"

I laugh. "Yeah."

"Well, would you want to be my partner in it?"

Thinking. "How can I tell her no? Should I try it for a few days?"

Well after some talk I tell her that I would be her partner. We would be meeting every morning--6 days a week at 6 am for 1 hour. Um, am I crazy? I haven't done an exercise program, ever.

Today was the second day. Ouch. I'm sore. But I'm sore in a good way. I can still move, but it hurts a little. I'm thinking that I might just stick it out for a while. Ninety days? Is that right? I might be able to do this! Then again, it's only the second day.

Yesterday Cherry and I did it with two guys, and we did the regular version, the version where one is trying to build the upper body. Now on a feminine frame (that's what I'm hoping to keep) a large upper body's not very pretty. I was thinking this was my out. After like 10 sets of pull ups and 10 sets of push ups I was kaput. (I didn't know kaput was a real word until now--I thought it was kind of like an onomatopoeia. Thanks, dictionary.reference.com.)

Today, however, we decided to do the "lean" version and this definitely fits more with my type of exercise. It's focused more on cardio and strength for "lean-ers". Today was cardio and we did different sets of exercise like kick-boxing, yoga, and stretching. It actually was really fun! My favorite part was the exercise where you have one foot in front, you crouch down in a lunge and kind of punch in front of you. Your feet are pivoting as you punch so your whole body is into it. It was as rigorous as a full-out sprint, but I didn't hurt my knees at all! My knees are my Achilles; if you know what I mean.

So, on to day three. Wish me luck. I actually haven't felt this good in a long time. A long time.


Katie said...

Good luck!

Kayla R. said...

FUN!!! good luck i heard it is a dang good work out!

Lindsey S. said...

I did that for about 2 months then went on vacation and I haven't done it in over 4 months. I need to though. It's so hard but it really is a good workout! Keep up the good work!

Lindsay said...

Travis and I completed the program in August! Seriously Rach... You will feel so good after you are done! I am so proud of you, you will do great! For better results though I would recommend more protein in your diet and somewhat of a diet. I tried the diet thing and it was too hard but I am thinkin of starting back up tomorrow. The lean plan is the way to go! GOOD LUCK RACHEL! So excited that you are doing it.