Monday, October 19, 2009

The Reading Corner

In Henry's room he has a little reading corner. He uses my body pillow as his little couch and he loves it. He will grab a book and plop down on the pillow and read, or pretend to read. Part of his bedtime routine is to run around his exersaucer and play, getting all of his excess energy out, if there is any, and then to cool down he reads, and we read to him. Bedtime is one of my most favorite times of the day usually because he's so happy. Todd and I are together, and we give him undivided attention. It's fun. Here's Henry "reading" to us.


Rachel said...

AHHH I love him!

Are you guys going to be in Provo for Thanksgiving?

Blake and I will be back for Thanksiving, but will be staying in DC for Christmas.

I hope we get to see you soon!

Kim Shepherd said...

Oh my gosh that's so cute that he does that!

Becky said...

he is so adorable and sounds like such a character. we can't wait to see him at christmas time.