Friday, November 6, 2009

A better way

I have found a better way to grocery shop.

The rule of thumb I used to grocery shop by was: don't shop hungry. That was great for sticking to a list and budget. However, when I am really hungry and I open up the full fridge, like most of us do, I think, "There's nothing in here that I want to eat."

That's because I had only the necessary things, healthy things, or leftovers. Last week I went shopping hungry--unintentionally--and I'm glad I did. Among the "normals" on the list I indulged in bagels and cream cheese, fish sticks and tartar sauce, Craisins, and I feel like a more pleasant person. Now when I'm hungry, and it's not just lunch or dinner time, I can open up the fridge and pull out something I really want. I've tired of carrots, apples and crackers. Yum, a toasted bagel and cream cheese for me, please.

For me, shopping hungry means I'll choose things I really want to eat when I'm hungry, whether I'm at the store or in my home. Looking at the extras that I bought, I admit they're not the healthiest, but they're good enough.

I think this is a better way . . . but not all the time.

We'll see how the budget looks when I'm full.


Kayla R. said...


Amy said...

Ahhh, you should write a book!! :)

Becky said...

you have a great point. why not shop when you are hungry bc it's when you are the hungriest that it becomes the hardest to find something to eat. by going shopping hungry you are just preventing the inevitible future when we all get a bit grouchy and nothing is hitting the spot. i am going to try this method out. thanks for the tip. maybe i'll just do with out the essentials, like milk and bread, and get what really sounds good.

Holly and Daric said...

I go shopping hungry too sometimes and I totally agree with everything you said.