Monday, November 2, 2009



We are now the proud parents of a Binky-less baby. His Binky has been an object of concern. Many times I would say, "after this trip, we'll get rid of it" and then he'd get sick so I wouldn't want to take it away--it was his comfort. Since his one year birthday this has been the pattern: travel, he's sick, it's too hard, travel . . . And last week I could not take it anymore.

He had a few falls where his gums bled. I was afraid (even though it probably wasn't the case) that he had fallen so hard he may have loosened his teeth, and when I would give him his Binky I would fear that his teeth would get messed up and his palate would deform more easily because his teeth and gums were loose.

Last Tuesday morning we took his Binky away and have not given it back yet! Not for a nap, not for bed time, not for anything. Surprisingly he hasn't seemed to want it. We've had a few bouts of tears or hysterics (driving back from St. Louis when he was so tired but wouldn't fall asleep), but for the most part he has been great--even in church.

In no way am I condemning parents who have Binky dependent children. I have to say Binkys are very nice and convenient (it would have been when we were driving back from St. Louis). This is actually not the first time we have tried to take it away from him. The first time I "took it away" was only when he was awake; he had his Binky for naps and bedtime. This arrangement, however, only made him more attached to his Binky. Somehow, this time around, he seemed completely fine abandoning it.

At 16 months he is now a Binky-less baby and I feel so FREE!! Whew, what a relief.



Tess said...

This made me think of my friend who remembers when her mom tried to take her binky away...she kept one hidden and would hide under a blanket to suck on it, thinking she was so sneaky, and then of course her mom discovered it and cut it so she couldn't use it anymore. Kinda traumatic. I'm glad your transition seems to have went much easier!

Katie said...

Yay Henry! :)

srbushman said...

Yeah!!! What a big step, and sounds like he did pretty good!