Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr. Mom

We think he's joking, but Henry just won't call Dad, Dad or "dada". It's "mama", for both of us. I'm not sure when it happened, but "dada" just phased out and we're both "mama" now. Poor Todd. Henry pats Todd's chest, looks at him lovingly and names him "mama". Although it's really cute, it's just not right. Again, we (like to) think he's joking. He is a funny boy.

On top of that, Henry has picked up on all the things that I do, namely vacuuming and walking around in shiny heels--ALL around the house.

He vacuumed like this for about 15 minutes. He would stall over crumbs and dirt and make a louder "brrrrr" sound, like he was really sucking that stuff up with his stick. Eventually I gave in and vacuumed--I figured he was hinting. I almost didn't want to, he was so cute! I figure our floor gets dirty soon enough and he would be back at it in no time.

The red shoes:
around the couch
the kitchen
his room
and up the stairs.
He loves them.
Pointing down at the button he declares,
"ball, ball, ball".

What a funny boy.

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