Friday, January 22, 2010

Let the Tantrums begin . . .

Today, well actually, 30 minutes ago to be exact, I thought I was going to lose it.
Henry has started his tantrums.
He was tired, but he was hungry, too. AND he wanted to watch Elmo on youtube.
Hungry + tired + frustration = very unhappy toddler

(This was taken about a month ago when he did not want to take off his boots.)

Because I wouldn't let him watch Elmo he flipped out and threw a fit: tears, kicks, clenched fists, the works. Although I really thought I was going to lose it, i.e. smack his bottom, put him in his crib, or pull my hair out. We both endured about a 10 minute tantrum, which seemed like 20 minutes, and he is now napping.
Immediately I got on the computer and googled "how to handle a child's tantrum" and found a few good things I'm really going to try.
If you're interested, watch this Positive Parenting video with Eileen Hayes, editor of the Family Magazine. She says a lot of great things, but in a nutshell when dealing with a tantrum she advises:
1. Catch him being good often (this may help prevent tantrums)
2. Give descriptive praise, not general compliments
3. Lighten up! Use humor. Make a task a game.
I also found 10 great steps on handling a tantrum at wikiHow here.
Now, I think I knew all of these things, but they became really hard to remember and put into action when I am in the middle of dealing with a tantrum.
Best wishes to all parents of tantrum-throwing kids.


Derrek & Rilee said...

I hated when Jillian threw fits. She always hurt herself (usually hitting her head on something) and wanted sympathy afterwards and I would tell her that I was going to give her sympathy for doing that. She doesn't throw tantrums anymore!! I think it hurt too much keep doing it.

srbushman said...

You know I swear by the naughty corner. It gives them time to calm down, and you to relax enough to be rational! I love it. And we started about his age with Brenna and Cannon. It took us about 45 minutes the first time to get them to stay, but after that, they got the hang of it.

Rachel and Todd said...

Yes, we do time outs on the stair, and they sometimes work, but sometimes he just cries afterward. I think sometimes he just needs to let it out. So I let him.

Nakita Ellis said...

Today must just be a day for tantrums. Reese had the same, tired + frustrated + hungry tantrums today. Thanks for the advice. I was wondering what I should do to help her decide not to throw tantrums and how I should deal with them when she does.