Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

This month we opened up The Friend surprised to see an article about the young men in Bangalore, India. The cool part is, Todd baptized one of the young men (far left on top of left page), and the mother and uncle of another boy (on the far right of the same group of boys)! It is amazing to realize that the young boys Todd baptized are now old enough to hold the priesthood!


Lindsey S. said...

That is so cool!

okbushmans said...

How fun! I love having Church magazine surprises. Sometime last summer, a few kids from our ward were in the Friend. They were in wakeboard competitions, and had "strormin' Mormon" posters and t-shirts, and made it to the finals (on Sunday) and chose not to advance. Anyway, seeing people from half-way around the world in India is crazy.