Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today I again wore the dress Todd made for me about two years ago.
Yes, the paisley one with maroon trim and ties in a bow in the back.
I felt like a Queen, even when I put an apron over it, changed a diaper and crawled on the floor in it.
I love you, Todd.

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Michael and Anita said...

I remember that dress--sooooo cute!! :) I guess I have gotten behind on everyone's blogs. I was just looking back through the files at some of the things you've been up to, and I just have to say, I LOVE your black table, and I love your white with red polka dots and red sash dress!! I want to re-do our table one of these days. I never thought of doing in black--I was thinking more of a cherry wood finish--but you might have swayed me. Were the chairs already black? Do you mind my asking, what color/kind of wood was the table before? I am amazed! :) Hope you guys are doing well! Miss seeing you! Henry is looking so cute! :)