Thursday, April 8, 2010

Choo Choo!

For Easter Henry got a new train. He loves to set it up on this table, it fits perfectly, and play with it for a long time.
He's crazy about the "ocagon" or the stop sign that came with it. He knows the shape octagon because of this video of Elmo and Jack Black and every time he sees a stop sign he exclaims, "Ocagon! Elmo!". He also loves the conductor and calls him, "doctor". I guess the conductor does look a bit like his grandpas.

He's at work:

attaching the train, guiding Thomas around the track,

filling Thomas up with water, drinking the water

and pushing Thomas under the bridge. Look at those chubby little hands!

We call this "the engineer" picture. You know, with the polo shirt, serious face (or more like a far-off look), and hands at work. Todd would know what one looks like.

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Katie said...

Henry! What an adorable little boy you are! Haha. Love these pictures. :)