Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good news

Two things:
The first. Henry saw the dentist today and voluntarily opened his mouth with a big "Awwwwwww." The dentist's assistant first tickled his finger with the cleaning tool that spins and he kept saying, "Again," giggle, giggle, "Again." Finally she "tickled" his teeth and he let her do every tooth. She then attempted to floss them and he opened his mouth even wider. I couldn't believe it. Neither could she. She then painted his teeth with a fluoride varnish, and the cleaning was done.
No tears.
No screaming.
No kicking.
It was amazing.
Then he turned to me and said, "Go home. Mint cookie." Which really means, let's go home, I want a life saver. (He loves life savers, calls them mint cookies, and I suppose that's why he has taken so well to brushing his teeth.) The dentist checked his teeth and said they look great; they're just close together which means nightly flossing from now on. Yikes! I don't even do that. But I'll be good for him, and maybe I'll catch on, too. My teeth would thank me.
"Show me how you opened wide for the dentist." "Awwwwwwwwww."

The second. Thanks to Todd, I now have 2.5 hours a week, for 8 weeks, of personal time! What am I doing with it?
Taking a pottery class. This was his Mother's Day gift to me. Perfect.
My first session was last night and I love it already. We made pinch pots. I made two egg cups (not intentionally because I don't really know what they look like, but that's what my class said they look like), a little pot with a nice lip and lines around the side, a wider bowl with a stamp in the middle, and a snake for Henry.
Next week we're doing coil pots and the week after we'll hit the wheel. From then on out it's up to us to do whatever we want. I'm thinking . . . a nice big bowl as a centerpiece for our kitchen table, cute little tea cups, vases, some animals for Henry, maybe some shoes . . . I don't know, the sky is the limit. I need to get creative.
Any suggestions?
The best part is, when I go I completely relax. Everything on my mind disappears. I can sit and mold clay, chat, and totally rejuvenate. When I was a little girl, 12 years old, I took pottery lessons from an expert potter, Andy Watson. I made a lot of pieces and was even bold enough to go door-to-door in my neighborhood and sell them. I don't think I'll make a business out of this hobby this time, but I know I'll sure enjoy it.


Holly and Daric said...

Glad the dental visit went so well for Henry! A good way for parents to floss kids teeth is with floss picks, it's easier than trying to get your fingers in their small mouths.

okbushmans said...

Good job Henry! Brenna was a great patient.. until the second cavity had to be filled (She didn't know what to expect with the first, and did pretty good. But remembered for the second, the "pinch" of the needle and the drilling). Scared to take Cannon though...

And what a great gift from Todd! You enjoyed pottery with Mr. Watson, didn't you? I took the class, but never did too well. So glad you have the relax time!

danette said...

My kids usually do really well at the dentist. Some better than others. At there last I appointment I took them all at the same time and only Marysa had a tiny, tiny cavity.

Amy said...

I am impressed that Henry did so well at the dentist!!

Whit and T said...

That is a very cute Mother's Day gift! I am sure you will have so much fun!