Monday, June 21, 2010


Now that summer is alive and well, we spend most of our time in the great outdoors. Our new fascination outside is: fireflies!
Todd has professed,"Fireflies are evidence that God exists."
Really. Why and how would a creature evolve to light up? Although you may be able to answer that question, and although many creatures do: electric eels, crystal jelly fish, glow worms, sea cucumbers, etc. fireflies are still 100% enchanting.
There's a soy bean field across from our little community that lights up at night with flying lights. It's amazing to see.
Henry loves to run around and catch them. Luckily they're slow enough that he often can. A few nights ago we caught some and put them in a jar.
We hoped they'd be like a little night light in his room. Keeping him mesmerized 'til he fell asleep. They ended up sneaking out through the holes in the top of the jar and in the morning I found them flying around the house lighting up. Their luminescent quality made it much easier to find them.

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