Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winding down

Now, a whole 5 days later the birthday celebration is slowly winding down. The green balloons are floating on the floor, half inflated, the decorations are still hung, and every morning Henry still requests to dance to "Monster Mash" and "Scary Song", aka Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Thursday we celebrated Henry's birthday as a family. As soon as he woke up he was at his door yelling, "Mama, open it! Door, open it!" So, Todd and I rolled out of bed and got our blow toys and balloons and opened his door singing Happy Birthday. He was smiling ear to ear, which is very rare on typical mornings. We told him that today it was finally June 24th and it was his big day. For about 30 minutes he bounced around the house banging his balloons everywhere.

I know you can't tell from this picture, but those balloons were flailing crazily about, so loudly that Henry called them drums. We all got in on the balloon banging.

The day just got better. We opened presents from grandparents and us, and Henry was ecstatic with everything--even/especially the clothes! It was so fun. We ate waffles and drank chocolate milk from his Got Milk? chocolate straws. Todd went to work and Henry and I went swimming with his bud, Theodore. We also went to the park and played in the water fountains there. Every where we went he had to bring his new baseball bat and ball.

We picked up daddy from work and stuffed ourselves with BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, veggies, and rolls. Then we ate cupcakes and mustached our faces. Thanks to the Mr. Potato head Henry got for his birthday he has become pretty fascinated with mustaches and requests we do mustaches every time we eat anything with frosting.

Happy vs. Convicted

Then, we went to Jarlings. What's a birthday without it? While there, an older couple just adored Henry and commented on his cute new birthday clothes. The older man said Henry better watch out because those 2 year old girls will be after him! Haha!

* * * * *

The birthday celebration didn't end there. Henry was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday the same weekend as one of his best buds, Bruce--he's our next door neighbor--and Henry is a huge fan of him. So, Saturday we went to Bruce's Jello-slide party. What a blast, let me tell you. For 2 straight hours Henry was running to and from a pool of orange Jello and a slip 'n slide.
Henry LOVED the Jello and the slip 'n slide. He practically crawled down the whole thing.

Henry with his bud, and Daddy with Bruce and the missionaries--Elders Stidham and Rosequist

* * * * *

That night we had a party for Henry and his friends: a Monster Bash. We had a create a monster game, a roar contest (which Henry judged and chose Bruce as the winner by giving him a hug--and Henry, like his Dad, gives the BEST hugs),

and a monster mash freeze-dance. They danced to Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, Thriller, and Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein and Dracula. We also ate these monsters.

Can you guess who it is?
(In case you can't it's Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.--one of Henry's favorite monsters.)
It was a blast and Henry gave hugs to all his friends as they left.

This weekend we're looking forward to some baptisms, mud volleyball down in Tuscola and fireworks (oh, and hopefully a double date to Eclipse).


Rachel said...

You guys are the best. Henry is lucky to have such wonderful parents!

A and N said...

WOW! What a great birthday!!! Looks like he is one lucky kid.

Ashlee said...

What fun parents you are! That party looked SO fun... and I LOVE that Henry chose Bruce to be the winner and gave him that sweet hug. SOOO Cute! And those cupcakes turned out great! I'm super impressed! and the "convicted" picture made me laugh right out loud. Can't wait to play with you guys soon!

mildred said...

Rach, you motivate me. I love seeing pictures of your darling Henry. The moooostache pictures are awesome! What a lucky boy he is to have such amazing parents.

M is for... said...

so cute.

Bruce Richards said...

It was great to have a little buddy to share my birthday with! He is quite the dancer too!

Katie Parent said...

so fun!