Monday, July 12, 2010

"So funny"

A couple days ago some trees around Winfield were marked with a big white "X". Henry was curious about them and we decided that they would probably be chopped down. During our walks over the weekend Henry would be on the look out for any tree with a spray-painted "X". We counted 7.
Today we watched the tree removers cut down and grind up the 7 trees. Henry was enthralled with the big diggers, tractors with claws, and the grinding machine, "So loud," he said. The best part was when he spotted one of the tree removers driving the "tractor-with-claw" in front of our house. He looked closely at the driver, pointed, and said,
"Grandma [he gave a huffy chuckle] . . . on tractor."
Then he looked at me with a confused smile, "So funny!"
He started giggling, "Grandma driving tractor, so funny! That's so funny."
He couldn't get over it.
Even this 2 year old gets that it's funny to see a grandma driving a tractor.

The funny part is, it wasn't a grandma.
It was a man . . . with a mustache.
I'm not sure what caused Henry to think it was a grandma, possibly the guy's nice, floppy brown bob-ish hair style, or maybe his soft physique, or maybe his mustache that framed his mouth just so, that it looked like he had a nice grandma smile. I guess from behind, he could have looked like a grandma, but whatever it was, Henry thought it was a grandma, and I couldn't stop laughing.
It was "so funny" as Henry says.

Randoms of Henry:

Henry with his friend, Embla (isn't she so cute the way she's holding her dress like a princess?!).

Singing "Twinkle, twinkle, little star".

Shaking the shakers at his Kindermusik class.

Explaining to us how to feed and take care of a fish (it was our friend's fish--we were fish-sitting). The fish is in there, promise. It's just hiding.


M is for... said...

I laughed out loud at work when I read this.

Rachel and Todd said...

Haha, I'm glad you thought it was funny, too. We seem to be the only ones. :)