Monday, January 24, 2011


Henry's just getting into Mickey-D's these days.
(I hate to admit) we've gone there like once a week for the past three weeks.
It's PlayPlace is one of our newest winter hangouts
and since you have to be a customer to play
we end up eating lunch of sorts there.
Henry loves
the hamburger seats he gets to eat his lunch on,
the McNuggets,
the Happy Meal toy, and
the "space ship" he gets to climb around in.
The kids he meets become life-long bosom buddies . . . for about 20 minutes.
But really, by the end of play time it's pretty hard to say goodbye.
Well, what this is all getting to is one of our new creations, or copy-ations.
Todd attempted to make homemade egg and sausage biscuit sandwiches, like the delicious egg-sausage McMuffins from McDonald's.
We named them McHanksters.

They are SO good, if you're into this kind of breakfast.
Todd makes the biscuits from scratch and the whole process including cooking and shaping the eggs, sausage, and cheese takes quite a while. We figured one of our McHanksters costs like 75 cents. What a deal! I highly recommend a McHankster to everyone.

Doesn't he just sell it?

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