Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teddy Bear

This babe is so cuddly and sweet and just adored around here. He's our little teddy bear.

If I could use one word to describe him, it would be: content.
He goes with the flow, is happy, and could kick around in this bouncer for 30 minutes without making a peep.
He can really get it rockin', too.


danette said...

He is so cute. He looks so much like his dad.

Lindsey S. said...

He is so cute and so itty bitty!

Thanks for that recipe for the raisins by the way. We still need to try it out! I know how busy it gets. One thing I've learned with 2 kids is how important it is to manage your time wisely!

Suzy said...

You are such a cute mom! I love reading your blog and seeing all the fun things you do with your cute boys!