Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brotherly Love

These boys love each other.
When Theo cries, Henry comes to his aid and pats his chest or kisses his cheeks and says happily, "It's okay 'Feodore'", or quietly, "Calm down, 'Feodore', calm down."
When Theo wakes up from a nap crying Henry will climb into his crib and lay next to him and babble. Theo quiets down and babbles right along with him.
Henry pulls funny faces at him and make funny sounds.
Theo laughs.
Henry hugs and holds him.
It's so sweet!
They just love each other, and it thrills my heart to see it.

Henry's his hero!


Rachel said...

So cute! I hope that someday I have two boys in a row. I love their brotherly interactions!

Ashlee said...

Oh those pictures are priceless! So, so sweet!

Nakita Ellis said...

"thrills my heart to see it". You couldn't have put it any better. Seeing your children adore each other is an amazing thing to behold!