Sunday, May 15, 2011

Theodore vs. Henry

Born from the same recipe, these boys look a lot alike. At least that's what most everyone, okay everyone, says. With Theo's little face fresh in my mind my memories of Henry as a baby became foggy. So, I started looking back at old pictures of Henry to compare and decide for myself how similar or different they really are. Take a look, make a guess, and find out who is who at the bottom.














1: Henry, 2: Theo, 3: Henry, 4: Theo, 5: Henry, 6: Theo, 7: Theo, 8: Henry, 9: Henry, 10: Theo, 11: Henry, 12: Henry, 13: Theo


srbushman said...

Hey! I actually did pretty good! They do look pretty similar, Theo looks more like Henry now, than Henry as a baby. Does that make sense? Either way they are handsome boys!!

Rachel and Todd said...

I totally agree! Really! I think Theo looks like Henry does now and that's why everyone says they look so much alike, but I don't think Theo looks like Henry did when Henry was a baby. Makes sense to me, though it's a weird phenomenon. :)

Derrek & Rilee said...

I did awesome!!! Henry had the cute little chubby-baby cheeks and Theo doesn't so much. But they are so cute and I love looking at their smiling faces!

Alysa said...

8 was the only one i was unsure on. :) What cute boys!

mildred said...

100 % That was the hardest test I've taken since college.

Lindsey S. said...

Holy cow, that had me confused! I failed!

Jonathan and Audra said...

woohoo! I passed with flying colors but I had the advantage of knowing Henry as a baby. Your boys are both darling! We'll be living in Provo for a couple of months this summer so if you guys are ever around please give us a call!