Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Henry turned 3!!!
(Oh, over a month ago or so, but a post is better late than never, right!?)

We put up the decorations the night before so when Henry awoke in the morning it was like it was Christmas. He bounded around the house all morning just so excited for the party to start. Todd's friend from church, Quintin, had his friend make Henry a robot birthday poster. Henry thought it was awesome, especially the little guy on the right that says "Have the best birthday ever!"

For the activities we started out with brush 'bots. Todd made a card board racing arena for the 'bots and the kids customized their bots with pipe cleaners and wires.

Then it was balloon rockets!
Each boy tried their own balloon rocket a few times, and then it was time for the giant balloon rocket launch.
Above the boys are laughing it up. Joseph, in the red shorts, must have cracked a good joke--he's always so clever.

And the rocket soared! It almost went across the whole backyard. My honey's got quite the lungs.

What a cute crew of boys.
Left to right: Adam, Benjamin, Anders, Henry, Jack, Joseph, Vincent, Spencer and Spencer.

And last but not least, the water rocket launch!!!
The kids raced to the top of the hill and Todd set up the rocket. The kids counted down, or tried to. The video of the countdown (or up) cracks me up--especially Henry's counting.
"Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve! Fourteen! Sixteen! Eleventeen! Eighteen! Nine! Ten! . . . " The launch was a success.

The food table and giftbags--each filled with candy and their brush 'bot.

We gathered back home for lunch--rocket (hot) dogs, PBJs, chips, fruit and Capri Suns--and cake--a robot cake. Lunch was good and the cake was . . . not so good. When I made it the night before I muscled the batter with a wooden spoon rather than using a hand mixer. The cake turned out flat and dense and dry. Whoops! Next time I'll for sure use a hand mixer. Henry loved the robot, though.


At his party Henry received a light saber and a bike from friends. He was bouncing off the walls about his light saber. It came with a little DVD with example battles so he watched it and that's where he got some of his awesome moves . . .

He was "so 'cited" about his bike and rode all around the village with his friend, Anders.

I love Anders' face in this one. CHEESE!
It was a HOT day so we were all exhausted by the end. But Theo was still all smiles!

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Rachel said...

Cute! The cake looks awesome. I cannot believe that Henry is already three! What a darling :)