Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fam Time

As I balance my life and incorporate more into my busy schedule I find that it's exhausting but also fulfilling. I enjoy the ebb and flow of productivity and relaxation, and I find I'm happiest when I'm being pushed a little bit. Maybe to the max sometimes, but not over.

I try to keep it all balanced, keeping the number one priorities at the top. However, sometimes my priorities get blurred together and then life becomes a bit of a mess.

I was recently listening to voices of latter-day saint women and one story caught my attention. It helped my refocus my blurred priorities, and again I see things clearer.

"On a Monday evening not long ago, I was walking past a playground where a young family was choosing up sides for a game. I overheard one of the children call out, “Mom, choose me.”
As I walked on, these words rang in my ears.
Life in today’s world places a multitude of demands on a woman’s resources of time and energy.
We can choose to apply our talents in more arenas than ever before, but there are only a few of those places in which our influence is irreplaceable.
I can imagine children the world over saying, “When you decide where to spend the time and the gifts that God has given you,
Mom, choose me.”

Wow! It never really occurred to me how much they would want me to choose them to be first. But it makes sense. I know as a child I loved having my mom there for me whenever I needed her. She was an anchor for me. She was irreplaceable, as is her influence on me. I am so grateful for her example in choosing me, and my siblings.

I hope I can always remember, like her, and so many other moms, to choose my children.

One way Todd and I chose our children is family home evenings. A few family home evenings ago Todd came up with a fun activity: a homemade family band. We made instruments with glasses and water, rubber bands, spoons, pots and pans, and boxes.

The boys loved it.

But maybe our neighbors didn't.

That's okay.


Alysa said...

Hey thanks for this post! I was just thinking about this idea today (and I love the story). I'd been having some second thoughts about teaching Kindermusik and just decided again to do it for that reason -- that no matter what (even if no one signs up, even if I just barely break even on it) it will be blessing my children (and others) with my talents. And that is kind of what life is about.

Ashlee said...

Thank you so much for sharing that woman's story. What a powerful thought. It makes me think of my mom. She showed us in every way that she was 'choosing us.' It shined through in where she spent her time, money, efforts... and on and on. I was lucky! And your kids are too :)