Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Linked Up

I feel dust gathering on this blog and it's time to blow it away.
The initial reason for neglecting to upkeep our blog is my camera got lost.
Anyone seen it?
No pictures often means boring posts--at least for me--so perhaps I spared you by not posting.
Then after not posting for a while I began to wonder what is worth posting and then I hesitated to update for . . . as long as I could.
That's no good. So why don't I start with some old pictures of a long-ago FHE?

Okay, here goes:

One evening we talked about our ancestors and how blessed we are by them. Todd had the great idea to use links to represent each person in our family a few generations back and make a family chain. How blessed we feel to know that the true links that hold our family together are connected with sealing power, that they cannot be torn or ripped apart, or even separated by death.

Henry, who is now writing his name (among other words!) helped us fill out the links.
Theo contentedly pushed his bus.

A little camera shy


Ta da!

It seemed appropriate to hang it under our family name, for the time being.

Hey, smiles!

P.S. Henry presently LOVES sharks. We even made fins for him and taped them to his clothes yesterday as he went around pretending to be a shark--eating everything.
Today he's home sick with a tummy ache. Maybe they're related??


Emily Savage said...

What a clever FHE idea! Hope you find your camera soon!

Ashlee said...

I dub thee FHE king and queen! Please DO keep posting these ideas. As long as you don't mind me stealing them of course :)

PS- this morning when I was feeding Truman a bottle and we were both somewhat asleep I thought of "Hakkuna Ma-ta-ta," and busted out laughing. Scared poor Truman to death. Thankfully he had his bottle so it was easy to soothe him pretty quickly!