Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trip to UT #3: Escalante!

My (Rachel's) mother's side of the family is from Escalante, UT. Smack dab in central-southern UT. Population roughly 792. 
We stayed at a cabin facing the gorgeous mountains, and enjoyed ample family time together. 
We enjoyed typical Southern UT summer rain storms (amazing lightning), good food, hiking in the rough country on trails such as Devil's Garden, swimming in Calf Creek, observing Pioneer Day and visiting grave sites of our ancestors, as well as partying at the local dance, parade and rodeo. 
Todd and I celebrated our 5th anniversary over the weekend, too, and . . .
I'll pretend the Pioneer Day fireworks were for us, babe!
Larry, Curly, and Moe
Our 3 Stooges held hands during the bus ride up to our hike in Bryce Canyon. Adorable.

Love Azalea's look in the background. Something was up.

The Crew: Ottosens, Freestones, and Bushmans

My little choo-choo train busting up the tracks

Henry named this tree "spider tree". We like it. 
It must be pretty thirsty but these desert trees find a way to thrive.

The low-light of our excursion to Escalante was when Henry broke his arm. It was our first day there, just minutes before we left for a hike.
He was hurrying down a ladder from a loft to get his shoes on for the hike and fell--probably about 8 feet--and broke his arm trying to catch himself.
After his uncle Ryan carried him to me Henry just kept crying and saying, "I wanted you to catch me! I wanted you to catch me!"
How I wished I could have caught you! It broke my heart.
We were an hour away from a hospital and by the time we got there he was in pretty good spirits, but as soon as he moved to get out of his car seat the pain was awful again. Poor kid.
He didn't let it get him down, though.
We were all cheered up with a great lunch at Henrie's Drive Inn. Yum.

Henry waving with his bagged arm.

It was pretty cold.

But not too cold for a face dunk--Henry's about to go under!


You can see pictures of the parade here.
And pictures of the rodeo here and here.
Thanks, sisters. You know I'm not the best at picture taking.

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