Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This year we had two sets of costumes. One was for school and trick or treating, and one was for the ward Halloween party. 

For school and trick or treating the boys dressed up as Captain America and a tiger, which Theo wasn't too thrilled about wearing the first time around, but ended up loving Halloween night.

And the other set was a family costume. We dressed up as the crew from The Magic School Bus because our kids have been loving everything Magic School Bus recently.

Todd was Carlos
Rachel was Ms. Frizzle (dressed with a volcano/under the Earth theme)
Henry was Ralphie
and Theo was Ms. Frizzle's lizard
We had so much fun together.

 Catching "fish" prizes at the ward party

Trunk or treating

Henry had a blast at preschool Halloween day. He went trick-or-treating 3 times around the school to various classes, and showed Theo the ropes of the classroom. Theo loved every minute with his big brother at preschool.
Henry and his best friend, Benjamin, gave super hero hugs in the halls.

And Henry was thrilled about candy and flexing his muscles

Theo and I did our best to keep up--it was pretty exhausting!

During snack time Henry poured his own cup of juice, helped a friend refasten his Halloween costume, and he shared his snacks with Theo. He was such a great little host.

Halloween night we trick or treated around the Village with a few family friends, and warmed up after at our house with hot chocolate, cake balls, and candy while the kids enjoyed It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
It was a Halloween to remember.

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