Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Henry's Art

 Something I've been meaning to document for a long time now is Henry's art work. He has been drawing and coloring now for about 3 years. Remember, he's 4. He LOVES to color and probably spends an average of 1-2 hours a day doing it--no joke. 
Because of this wonderful hobby we now have a lot of art work around the house. 
I love it, but I'm realizing I can't keep all of it, at least not all of it forever.

Last week at a RS meeting we talked about de-cluttering our lives and one sister made a great suggestion--to take pictures of your children's art work, or digitizing it so that you can keep it for memory's sake, but not have piles and piles of art work taking up space. I've seen friends do this before and it was finally time for me to do it. 

I went around the house and this is a sampling of what I found. 
I'll start with a particularly sweet one:
He completed it this morning while I showered. As soon as I was out he ran to me to show it to me.
 He explained that it is Jesus up in Heaven. Above Henry is an upside down mountain and to the right of Henry is Earth. The line across Jesus' face is his mustache. He says the hearts are him loving Jesus up in Heaven.
How sweet is this!?

Also completed this morning, or last night, maybe:
A newspaper complete with comics and "words". 
Sometimes he writes complete "words" backwards.

 I didn't ask him about this one but I'm guessing there's an alligator (pretty awesome if you ask me!), a light pole, a green rocket ship with him and a friend in the windows, and maybe aliens or other spaceships in the sky. Oh, and the number 5. He can't wait to be 5. It means Disneyland, cousins, the beach and KINDERGARTEN. Yahoo!

 The backside of the above picture: a rocketship with him and his friend, Benjamin, below it a snake, to the right a shark and some other circles. I'm guessing they're planets.

A man riding a motorcycle (same on back of paper).

Henry and Theodore in our "future house". Henry's looking forward to one day having a chimney. He told me this morning that when we have a chimney we won't have to go camping because we'll be able to stay home to roast our marshmallows. (I hope to still camp even when we have a chimney.)

 Second attempt at our future home. This one has smoke but is still black and white. Henry often draws the same thing over and over and over again until he get it just the way he wants it.

A rocketship, moon, and stars. 
I think he draws the stars so large because he understands that they are like our sun, just very far away, and chooses to draw them like how he sees our sun.

A large truck carrying cars.

The following were done quite awhile ago. Some a few months, and some a year or so ago. 
 Henry and Theo dressed as skeletons for Halloween.

 Probably a robot, machine or something "abstract", as Henry says.

 Another machine. I think this one makes worlds.

 Do I have to tell you who this pair is?

And this one is probably one of my favorites. 
When he first showed me this one I first thought, Oops, he put the sun and the moon in the wrong place, and as soon as I thought that I caught myself and realized what my brilliant 4 year old had done without my help! He had drawn a bat sleeping (including the Zs for his snoring) in the day and another bat awake and flying at night because bats are nocturnal! I don't think I knew stuff like

The next 4 pictures show Henry's perfectionism. This is how all of his pictures were when he was three. He practiced and practiced to make them just how he wanted them. 
Since then he has become a bit more creative and free in his coloring.

This is a project from Henry's pre-school workbook. I was amazed at his detailed coloring job. He was 3 and half when he did this. 

Non-coloring works of art:
 Henry's sun mosaic and our family (art from is church Sunbeam class).

DVD robot

And the last 4 are cards he made for Dad:

The inside of the Spiderman card. So sweet.

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Ashlee said...

This is SERIOUSLY amazing. I can't wait to see what Henry Freestone is when he grows up. I have often admired Henry's art skills, but even more than that his incredible determination and his ability to focus and work. Wow! What a kid!!!