Monday, January 7, 2013

More Mabel

 Hello everyone! Blogspot gave me a scare. I almost had to pay for more space but for some unknown reason I'm able to add more pictures without paying for more space. Awesome. So, before I rewind and update y'all on the past two months, I have to add some pictures of Baby Mabel. 

She's so precious. We are in love. Looking at her we think she's a great mix of us all but think she looks most like Henry did when he was a baby. You can see Henry as a baby HERE and here too just for fun. But, then again she also looks kind of like Theo. See HERE. There's no doubt about it, these Freestone kiddos are family.

Enjoy Mabel and brothers:


Rachel said...

She's so sweet! I can't believe how old your boys are looking, too!

Ashlee said...

Oooooohhhhhh! She is so beautiful!!!! And you're right...she TOTALLY belongs with Henry and Theo!

Brittney Richards said...

She's soooooooooo cute!! I love her big eyes. I'm impressed you got so many of her with her eyes open. My little man likes to sleep, a lot!!