Wednesday, January 16, 2013

St. Louis Magic House!

While Todd serves in THE TEMPLE the boys and I, and now Mabel, explore the different children museums in St. Louis. One of our favorites is The Magic House. We could spend all day there and never get bored (at least the boys wouldn't!). 

The boys could spend all day in this area but this day the cold brought us back in doors.

 Henry climbs the beanstalk, and Theo's . . . not quite up for it--it's about 3 stories of climbing--quite a feat!

 Delivery trucks, the mechanic's shop, life just doesn't get better than this.

 And, topping the day off with a little ice cream.

 We still had some time to kill before picking up Todd so we had a picnic on the hill outside The Magic House. The boys loved exploring . . . and picking on each other. 
(See picture of Henry walking down the hill, arm stretched out and Theo in front of him--face planted--as a result of a little . . . push. I wasn't too happy, but it does make a funny picture.)

 The Magic House

 Yep, this is the one. When I took the picture I had been telling the boys to hug. Wouldn't that make such a nice Kodak moment? Well, I think Henry thought it was opposite day and decided to PUSH Theo. So much for Kodak moments.


sarah e. said...

Some day I need to take the kids to St. Louis. I have heard great things about their children's museums and it's only about a four hour drive. Though now that we have our temple here, we have less impetus to get there. Enjoyed your new posts! Mabel is a cutie!!

Alysa said...

Hahaha! Oh man! That's even better, since you were telling them to hug. :D Got a good laugh.