Friday, November 8, 2013


A few weeks ago I was released as the Primary president for the Urbana Ward. I can't believe that chapter in my life has ended. Serving as the primary president for the past three and a half years has changed my life! 

When I look back three years it feels like a lifetime ago, in some ways. Henry was not even two, we were brand new to the area, and I . . . did not know what I was doing. The time I served in the Primary was serious time of growth and change for me, as a member of the church, and as a wife, mother, and woman. 

I am grateful for Jesus Christ. I am grateful that I could (and can!) access the atonement. It helped me as I tried to develop Christlike qualities. I am grateful that He could heal me when I was down and guide me and inspire me to do good. I am grateful for all the people I served with, all those who were patient with me as I made mistakes (because, boy, I made a lot!) and for all those who taught me and loved the children right along with me. It is so cool to me, that as a member of His Church, the Lord gives lay men and women the opportunity to serve in callings to develop skills in a variety of areas, that they may never had had a chance (or desire) to otherwise.

If there is one thing that will remain with me always, is a knowledge that God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, love us--each son and daughter. I could feel Their love for the children in the Urbana ward every time I taught them, interacted with them, and prayed and planned for them. His love is real.

The newest Bible Video produced by the Church helps me feel that same kind of love again.

Though I will miss Primary (in my opinion, it's the best place to serve in the church) I am very excited to be back in Relief Society again!


Crys said...

Aww, you were a great primary president! I still miss primary. The gospel is at it's sweetest, it's very best, it's essence when being taught to children.

Brittney Richards said...

Funny! I got released from the primary presidency last Sunday as well. After writing 3 primary programs, I was actually ready to get released. I am now teaching the 16/17 year old Sunday school class. What are you doing now?

Rachel and Todd said...

I'm a RS instructor. :)

The Whipples said...

I think you were a great Primary President. I don't know how you served in that calling with two babies. I can barely teach 4 sunbeams with a baby. I hope you enjoy your next experience to serve!