Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Sibs!

When Margo wakes up and I'm in the middle of something, super sibs come to the rescue.*

 Exhibit A
First observes

Exhibit B
Then consoles

 Exhibit C: 
Then pacifies

Once the job's done, the Super Sibs show off . . . 

 Notice: jumping over baby and sister 
(not my favorite thing, but it happened, and everyone lived another day)

 He is still airborne in this middle one

*These pictures were not staged, though it might seem that way. This kind of thing happens frequently enough and I wanted to document it so that I could refer to it to console myself on days my children are particularly unkind to each other . . . and so I ran up the stairs to photograph them once I heard them through the monitor. 


Alysa Stewart said...

Haha! Oh that's so fun, Rachel. A little scary, true, but so fun. I'm glad you caught it on camera, impressed that it was candid, and glad you shared it. Love you guys!

Rachel and Todd said...

Love you, Alysa!

sarah e. said...

Love this post! I hope to see more to come, but know how tricky it is to make time.