Friday, February 6, 2009

An old read

So I've picked up To Kill A Mockingbird again to read during these rainy days and nights when Henry's asleep and Todd is gone. It's so good--better than the times I read it in high school. I recommend that you all read it again, too! I'm hoping that someday I'll be a parent as wise as Atticus, and be able to depart my wisdom on to my wee ones. My only conflict with it is: what kind of 6 year old observes the world so maturely and with such reasoning? Probably a fictional character. However, seeing the world from the perspective of a tom-boy-ish realist kid is very entertaining.
It's funny, when I read a book I often pick up the speech that the author uses in the characters. I find myself saying to Henry, "I reckon you're hungry, baby!" and, "Tell you what, Hen, let's strengthen your itty bitty tummy muscles with some tummy time!" I'm thinking my next book will be something like, "Self-esteem: A proven of cognitive techniqes" or "Mind Your Heart" or "Getting Through the Day" so that I can sound more positive. I just hope I won't sound like Dr. Phil. Heaven forbid!

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Becky said...

i just might have to dust that one off. i remember really liking it in high school, but don't remember any of the details. i bet it would be lot different if i were to read it now. reading is the best. it's what keeps me sane when zac is gone all night. the time flies by and i am thoroughly entertained. i almost forget he's gone. shh, don't tell him i said that.