Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Wet Kitchen

Congratulations to Henry!
Henry has officially graduated from bathing in the sink.
The big guy is now onto bigger and better and more water-friendly bathing spots.
Earlier this week while I bathed him in the kitchen sink he went crazy with the splashing.
He splashed for at least 20 minutes straight--seriously! By the end:
  • I had unplugged the microwave and toaster
  • I, the counter, kitchen rug, and linoleum floor were totally soaked
  • his bath had lost about 3.78" of water
  • his eyes were somewhat bloodshot (poor guy--he loved it though!)
  • and he was ready for nap.
Here are two videos of him splashing. The first one he had slowed down a bit, and was more fascinated with the faucet fixture, but the second one shows him going like crazy. Enjoy!


Heather S :o) said...

He is so dang cute! :D I love his little smile!

Michael and Anita said...

That is hilarious. :) What a cutie!