Saturday, March 21, 2009

Indexing is my hobby

I wish that I new how to make cute clothes, aprons, hats, toys, books, etc. but I don't . . . YET. My hope is to one day learn the skills to make those things and be creative. Til I'm motivated enough to do it, I spend some of my free time indexing. If someone told me their hobby was indexing I might think they were kind of weird; who wants to look at old records and decipher the names and dates on them for fun? Well, come to find out, I do. Todd got me interested through his church calling, and so I did the tutorial online at, and now I am a certified indexer. It's actually pretty easy and fun! I dare you to try it. You might be surprised. It's nice because I feel like I can be productive and also help people with their family history work while I'm at home chilling while Henry takes his naps.

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Rabecca said...

That is great hey if you want to get into making thing I just found this cool site it is call it has some really interesting things and they are coming out with a also so if you are interested check it out. your indexing is probably more productive anyways.