Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Las Vegas!

This past week we made a quick trip down to Vegas, and I don't regret it. I say that only because one is likely to regret spending 12 hours in a car to visit one town for just 15 hours, but it turned out to be a blast. And, we figured out that we could do all we want to do in Vegas in that time. We:
ate out
went swimming
shopped at H & M
hung out with family
watched TV
played Yatzee
and ate out at In N Out (in Washington, UT)
It was nice. Because we were having so much fun I didn't have time to take any pictures, but Todd and I do have two items from H & M to show for it! I recommend impromptu short trips. It's a breath of fresh air sometimes.


Lindsey S. said...

That's funny, we were in St. George. MOre then 15 hours but only about 2 1/2 days. ha!

The Taylors said...

I feel that breath of fresh air is what keeps me SANE at times.