Saturday, August 29, 2009

Henry's 1st hair cut

This morning I decided that I've had enough of Henry's tiny mullet. Though his hair is thin and baby-like still, he had long hair in the back that would poof out a little and it just looked girly. It also looked a little mullety because his hair is pretty short on the sides. Anyway, even though I'm probably the only one who will notice the difference it feels better. Plus, Todd's away with the youth on a temple trip to St. Louis so he can't object.

Henry actually liked getting his hair cut! He was fascinated with the clippers and he didn't even jump or cower at the loud buzzing sounds. It was a little tricky though because I'd want to get the hair on his left side, but he'd hear the buzzing on his left side and turn his head, then I'd try to get the hair on the right side, he'd hear the buzzing on the right side and turn his head. So I had to hold his head still. Once the clipper edge was against his head he was as still as a rock. He's asleep now or else I'd post some post-hair cut pictures. I think the cut tired him out. What a day for a baby. These'll do.
Now he's got little Alfalfa hairs in the back but it's cute. What a strapping young lad.

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