Saturday, August 29, 2009


We have found that Urbana-Champaign has great parks. This one is a huge wood playground. What you see below is probably a 10th of it.
We love to swing, and slide, and make up obstacle courses and time ourselves running through it. (I won at 1 minute 20 seconds.)

Next to the huge wood playground there's a statue garden. It has great paths for walking and bike riding, an organic garden and of course statues. This was Henry's favorite.This one was cool, too.

The best custard place is Jarling's. It's a huge place for only having custard--no burgers or fries. I guess that's why the custard's so good.We ate here to celebrate getting our IL driver's licenses. So exciting! Sort of. We like to have any reason to celebrate, especially if it involves ice cream or custard. Plus, I got 100% on the written exam. I was pretty proud of myself, but I can't be too proud because Todd and I actually read the booklet and quizzed each other . . . so there were no surprises.


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

wait are you living in Illinois? What for? School?

Lindsey S. said...

He is such a big boy!

Lindsey S. said...

p.s. is henry still taking 2 naps a day? And if not when did he stop?

I think Bailey is growing out of the 2 naps thing. The last 2 days she took 2 naps (but they were a lot of work to get her down) but then slept so bad at night. We had friends over last night and didn't get into bed until 1 am and then Bailey started to cry. I thought perfect, I'm not asleep I'll go feed her, she'll go back down and I can then fall asleep and not get bothered until morning. NOPE!! She kept me up until 5 am last night. Today I only gave her one nap thinking maybe she was just getting too much sleep during the day.